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Oxford Pony Club


All Pony Club members work in a graded level system, starting at Level E upon entry. There are four progressive levels:

1) D, D1, D2;

2) C,C1,C2;

3) B, B2;

4) A.

Nationwide standardized evaluations, which test both the member's knowledge and riding ability, are the means by which the member moves through the levels. Testing may be done twice a year in the fall and spring, and consists of two parts:

a) a written test, on which a grade of 65% must be achieved in order for the member to attempt

b) the practical test, which addresses stable management and riding skill. Members progress through the levels at their own pace.

No one is too old to start, although a child must be 7 years old as of January 1 of the year in which she/he wishes to begin testing. To assist older and/or more experienced members who are new to Pony Club, there is a one-time opportunity to write several tests to the level the individual is capable of. The subsequent practical test is at the highest written test level the member achieves. The specific riding requirements for each level are described in detail in the download section of the CPC website.

Depending upon the level of the test, the horse and rider will be expected to execute specific movements at various gaits. Jumping obstacles is first encountered at the D1 level and as members move into higher levels, a cross-country jumping phase is included in the test. The reason for this in-depth testing is to promote a well-rounded rider who moves easily between the disciplines of Dressage, Stadium, Show Jumping and Cross Country Jumping. This philosophy of cross-discipline training is important, since the instruction and experience that young riders obtain outside the Pony Club usually concentrates on only one of these areas. The Pony Club gives young riders an opportunity to expand their own riding skills as well as the skills of their mounts, making for well-rounded and knowledgeable equestrians.


In order to further encourage members who may not have a mount to more completely participate, beginning in 2008, Canadian pony club introduced the stable management stream where members can complete the testing levels doing only the stable management portion and with no riding.

SM Stream will begin at the D level and will continue to the A level.

A member may apply to test the stable management phase of a test without taking the riding

phase, provided they have completed the SM Phase of the previous level.

No candidate may achieve the riding section of a level without achieving the SM section of

that level. (with the exception of RB2 and RA)